The winners of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are…

During the last two months, L’Antic Colonial’s “Signature Spaces” website has been receiving thousands of visits and comments. A large number of opinions have been gathered, from which Becky Powel and Antonello D’Aria have been picked as the winners.

The Porcelanosa Group firm has determined that the most technical commentary, published on 16 – 03, was made by Becky Powel who has won an iPhone 5. The comment said: “Similar to Peter Zumthor’s design of the thermal baths in Vals, Clodagh concentrates on the experience of the user, tantalising all senses, visual, touch and sound; creating a series of experiences throughout the room whilst also creating a space that is functional as a whole. The play of light, and juxtaposition of the two materials, stone and wood creates a modern yet neolithic feel, and creates focus whilst it changes the way in which the materials are experienced; for example the stone wall looks soft to touch despite the fact we know it is hard. It is the epitome of holistic design, simply beautiful and elegant”.

Furthermore, the comment that has received the most “likes” and has won an Ipad Mini is the one that said “It’s wonderful! The materials used and the perfect curves underline the armony of this room. The entrance transfers feelings of quiteness and relax suitable to the place, the bathroom! I would like to have one of it because it’s what I exactly need during a warm bath. I love the curves and refined materials. Simplicity is the key to perfection!” published by Antonello D’Aria last 5 – 03, and which has received a total of 564 valuations.
L’Antic Colonial will contact these two participants to hand them their prizes.

This initiative has served for promoting the 7 designs that CuldeSac, Colección Alexandra, BCA Internacional, Tomás Alía, Clodagh, Studio Ruiz Velazquez, and A-cero carried out for L’Antic Colonial´s showroom. In total, the website has received nearly 4,000 visits, 109 comments, and over 2.200 ”likes.” This is a great interaction that has served to acknowledge the BCA International space preferred by internet users.

The web will remain active so you can continue discussing these spaces. It will also be updated with new pictures and news, when they occur.

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