THE NOTEBOOK OF Fran Silvestre

Fran Silvestre - Fran Silvestre Arquitectos - Valencia

Casa del acantilado; Casa del Atrio; Torre Eólica; Casa en la ladera de un castillo…

1 – Who is Fran Silvestre?

People are essential the essence in what Fran Silvestre does.

2 – When did you realise that you wanted to be an architect?

I’ve been interested in architecture since I was young, I always liked creative work, but I liked science too. Maybe this combination is what made me choose architecture.

3 – A benchmark for architecture?

Always nature, although if I had to highlight an architect it would be Álvaro Siza.

4 – If you weren’t an architect, what would you have devoted yourself to?

I would have thrown myself into another creative profession, but it would have always been with the same energy and passion.

5 – A strength and weakness.

Patience, it’s my biggest weakness and greatest strength.

6 – What is your house like?

I live in the smallest palace in the world.

7 – Sunday is a day for…

It depends, every Sunday is different.

8 – A place where you look for inspiration.

I prefer doing in order to think.

9 – What’s the last book that you read?

Seeing by Saramago.

10 – Within 15 years…

The studio is experiencing healthy growth. In recent years we have started to work on projects outside of our city, outside the country and we are beginning to have projects on other continents. But we like this kind of steady growth.

11 – When you think of architecture, what comes to your mind?

More than thoughts, sensations.

12 – Pencil or computer?

The two.

13 – How would you define your work?

As an attitude. How we do things defines what we do.

14 – A project that you’d like to take on.

I think maybe I’d like to experiment with architecture in extreme climates.

15 – What’s your opinion on Spanish design?

I think it’s of high quality.

16 – How do you maintain your own style, whilst at the same time meeting your client’s requirements?

I don’t aim for a specific style, this is more associated with calligraphy. What’s important is the content of the text which emerges through the dialogue with the client.

17 – In architecture, which area would you say is your greatest strength and which do you find most challenging?

Making it reality. This is both the strength and the challenge.

18 – What is your recipe for success?

More than success, I prefer satisfaction. The recipe is to love what you do and surround yourself with people who share the same values.

19 – What role do natural products play in your projects?

We love the naturalness of the products and the fact that they are authentic.

20 – For you, the star L’Antic Colonial product is…

Mármol Blanco Athenas

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