THE NOTEBOOK OF Fernando V Arteaga

Fernando V Arteaga
SB Architects 
San Francisco, Miami, and Shenzhen

1 – Who is Fernando V. Arteaga?

Design Director

2 – When did you discover that you wanted to be an architect?

Ever since I was a child; my father is an architect.

3 – A reference in architecture… The Vatican
4 – If you had not been architect, you would have been…


5 – One defect and one virtue.


6 – What is your house like?

Dynamic and with open spaces.

7 – Sunday is a day for…


8 – A place to look for inspiration.


9 – What is the last book that you have read?

The Silent Chinese Conquest, by Juan Pablo Cardenal and Heriberto Araujo.

10 – 15 Years from now…

Develop the market in South America.

11 – When you think of architecture you think of…


12 – Pencil or computer?


13 – How would you describe your work?


14 – One project you would like to do.

A church.

15 – Your opinion of Spanish architecture.

Reliable and avant-garde.

16 – How do you keep your own style while meeting your customers’ needs?

By educating the customers.

17 – In architecture, what are you better at and what do you have more trouble with?

Designing, getting paid!

18 – Your recipe for success.


19 – What is the role of natural products in your projects?

An increasingly more important role, thanks to the new environmental awareness.

20 – Your flagship L’Antic Colonial product is…


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