The new designs of the men{H}ir line

Using the same concept and following the same shapes as with the first elements, L’Antic Colonial and Estudi{H}ac – JMFerrero, work together again in the development of new accessories that expand the potential of one of the most successful 2013 lines, men{H}ir.
The new designs, which will again have stone and natural wood as their main materials, will make the line much more versatile as they are modular elements that can be combined together.
Among the new accessories we can highlight a cabinet with three drawers and greater capacity, a vertical module, a freestanding bathtub with an original tray made of natural wood, and several soft-shaped mirrors and shelves.
All the elements share simple and gracious lines together with a potent and special design. But the difference of the new designs is that they expand the collection’s target to a wider audience.

Men{H}ir has been one of Porcelanosa Group’s most successful lines this year. It has had a strong presence in the fair showrooms and stands of Venís and Porcelanosa as well as L’Antic Colonial, thanks to how easily it combines with all kinds of materials such as stone, natural wood, or ceramics.
This presence in different firms will continue during 2014 with the introduction of the new elements at Porcelanosa’s XXI International Show. This will be an event that will undoubtedly kick off one of L’Antic Colonial’s most complete lines.

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