Spirit takes centre stage in Clerkenwell

Last Thursday 5th September was the date chosen to present the Spirit Collection to a London audience. Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares, co-founders of the A-cero studio, travelled to London to explain the creative process behind a range of products which have been extremely successful on the international stage.

The studio heads explained to the audience how surprised they were to discover that they shared a passion with L’Antic Colonial, a love of creating well designed objects of the highest quality, so it seemed only natural to collaborate on the design of new product ranges. They encouraged their audience to look closely at L’Antic Colonial’s range of products and to realise that they are so diverse and versatile that they can be used in any space for any application, particularly for high end designs and clients. Their own love of natural products made it a pleasure for them to work with natural stone and wood in the creation of the Spirit collections, a creative process inspired by nature which resulted in an organic yet sculptural collection.

Several leading architectural studios attended the presentation, such as Foster+Partners, BDP & HMKM. Specialist publications were present, such as RIBA, KbbReview, H&G and Wallpaper. KbbReview made the most of the event by conducting an in-depth interview with A-cero.

This was an event which showcased the quality of Spanish design in London, hosted by A-cero, Porcelanosa and L’Antic Colonial.

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