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  • Hotel Virgin

    Hotel Virgin

    Chicago (Illinois) USA

    An old 1928 Chicago building, which housed the Old Dearborn Bank headquarters and is an Art Deco reference, is the first headquarters of the new hotel concept designed by the tycoon Sir Richard Branson. Virgin Hotels Chicago opens its doors with a bright and innovative design based on the idea of “Business hotel” without losing an ounce of lifestyle.


    Chicago is the city selected by the tycoon Sir Richard Branson, Chairman and founder of Virgin Group, for installing the first of his Virgin Hotels. A concept based on the brand’s philosophy, with an innovative spirit, which has as its objective that its guests enjoy a personalized and unique experience.

    To do so they have counted with Rockwell Group Europe, with Diego Gronda leading it. It is a multidisciplinary team, with its headquarters in Madrid and over 20 years of experience in the luxury hotel sector, designing projects around the world such as the Ritz-Carlton South Beach refurbishment in Miami, or the design of the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower in Mumbai, and the Nobu Hotel in Riyadh.

    The chosen building is the former headquarters of Chicago’s Old Dearborn Bank. It is a 1928 building located in the heart of the city, considered a reference of American Art Deco. The refurbishment of its 26 floors into 250 rooms and public areas has been marked by the design concept so characteristic of Virgin Group. It has an elegant and classic style that takes care of even the smallest detail, the main role of which is the guest’s comfort. As the hotel designers recognize themselves, “it may not be the best room in the world, nor the most beautiful, but no doubt it is the most comfortable one.”

    In order to achieve such a marked personality, L’Antic Colonial’s Wet Plus Oak Life laminate has been used (special order) as flooring in different hotel rooms such as bedrooms or hallways. Likewise, we find the Craquelé White Romo Retro and Retro Red ceramics (hue that reproduces Virgin’s corporate color), both under special order, in wet areas of the rooms.

    The use of the Classic Ebano natural wood flooring (special order) also stands out, in the exclusive Commons Club bar/lounge. This herringbone patterned parquet, together with the cared selection of furniture and the refurbishment of the double-height historical ceiling, make this space the epicenter of the hall; welcoming guests and introducing them a whole world of sensations they will enjoy at the Chicago Virgin Hotel.

    In order to be able to bring the contemporary and urban personality that characterizes Virgin, L’Antic Colonial’s natural wood floors have been installed in different rooms of the hotel.

    Among the most outstanding results, we find the floors of the exclusive Commons Club bar/lounge, where L’ Antic Colonial’s Classic Ebano natural parquet has been installed in a herringbone pattern, in a special format (48.26 × 7.62 cm). It is a floor that recaptures the look of the traditional wooden floors of this historic building.

    L’Antic Colonial materials have also been used in the hotel bedrooms and bathrooms, where the floor Wet Plus Oak Life has been installed, with a special format of 17.78 x 119.38 cm; and, for the wet areas, a combination of the special wall covering Craquelé White Romo Retro and the Retro Red wall covering has been chosen, with a special color that reproduces Virgin’s corporate color.

  • Casa Sardinera
    Ramón Esteve Estudio
  • Ramón Esteve Estudio

    Casa Sardinera

    Jávea (Alicante) España

    House with a marked tectonic character thanks to the expressiveness of the used materials. We have managed to get the textures to be so similar that they sometimes blend in.

    Ramón Esteve Estudio

    Sardinera House is a unique house located on top of a Costa Blanca hill (Javea – Alicante) that drops down to the Mediterranean Sea. The location, situated facing a beautiful cove, enjoys sweeping views over the sea, which encourages the use of large exposed concrete walls that soar in different directions. The view is framed between the architecture and the pool water, which stands out against the horizon. One of its most inspiring features are the long porch cantilevers, which due to their constructive system, are embedded between the walls instead of resting on them. This achieves a visual effect that is comes close to the impossible.

    The house has a marked material expressiveness, thanks to the use of strong textured finishes. Formal abstraction is combined with a terrestrial material nature, in a subtle play with contrasts. Among the used materials we find L’Antic Colonial’s White Paradise Lake Stone mosaic with which the outdoor pool area floors have been covered. It is a mosaic made with flat pebble natural stone pieces, which suits the transition in these areas. The Calgary Classico BPT limestone also stands out, selected to make the countertops of all the bathrooms of the house along with the basins, which are carved into the block. Another Porcelanosa Group material we can find in Casa Sardinera is the Krion® Solid Surface in RAL 1013 color, used in the kitchen and barbecue countertops.

    The project, designed by Ramón Esteve Estudio, has received numerous awards which include the Best Constructed Project in the last edition of Porcelanosa’s 7th Awards, which took place on May 29 at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid.

    Texto e imágenes: Ramón Esteve Estudio

  • Restaurante Bilbao Berria
    Verno | Consultoría de Diseño
  • Verno | Consultoría de Diseño

    Restaurante Bilbao Berria

    Bilbao (Vizcaya) Spain

    The project involves the complete refurbishment of a restaurant that aims to be a reference in the heart of Bilbao’s expansion district.

    Verno | Consultoría de Diseño

    With the idea of obtaining a reference venue in the heart of Bilbao’s expansion district, VERNO design consultancy has carried out a comprehensive refurbishment of the Bilbao Berria restaurant. Located at Calle Ledesma, 26 in the city center, this space distributed in a horseshoe shape sets a free movement for in any of its uses.

    The project has used a combination of warm materials, among which L’Antic Colonial’s Eden 1L Brown natural wood flooring stands out for its use comfort and visual appearance,. Along with this parquet, the natural stone recovered from the building itself create a setting that is emotionally comfortable as it is. Porcelanosa’s Parker Oxford Cognac is the material chosen for the bathrooms because of its similarity in terms of color and format to the Eden 1 L Brown Parquet. This achieves a perfect continuity in all public areas of the restaurant.

    Once this setting is created, it has been worked with iron, wood, and mirrors, creating collages on the walls in order to achieve a dynamic space. These elements, along with the warm lighting and a careful specific design of the furniture, finish making up a contemporary venue that does not lose the classic “tempo” so much to Bilbao’s taste.

    Imágenes y texto: Verno

  • Casa Balint
    Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
  • Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

    Casa Balint

    Bétera (Valencia) Spain

    The style of Fran Silvestre Architects is reflected in this design with modern elliptical elements, which endeavours to incorporate modern housing in the topography of a golf course. Thus maximising space and minimising impact on the surroundings

    Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

    The Valencian architect’s firm is responsible for this stunning property located in Bétera, Valencia. A house in which light is the main feature, due to its effect on the bright white surfaces.

    The building’s elliptical shape creates an aerodynamic form that maximises its integration in the topography of the area in which it is located. The blue of the incredible crescent shaped swimming pool, created with World Blanco Almería natural stone mosaic (5) 30 x 30 x 1, together with the various shades of green in the garden and surrounding vegetation, add a splash of colour to the project in which L’Antic Colonial and Porcelanosa Group materials feature strongly.

    The exterior paving used for the terraces, steps and swimming pool surround is L’Antic Colonial Silver Touch granite (special order) whilst the façade is made of Snow White solid surface Krion® , installed onto Butech’s innovative ventilated façade system.

    The interior of the property is on three levels surrounding a central skylight which provides natural light to all areas.

    The most private part of the house, with several bedrooms, is located on the upper level. Eden Sand Soft natural wood parquet flooring (special order) has been used in that area.

    The kitchen and spacious living/dining room is located on the middle floor, opening onto the garden. Wood Lovers Soft natural wood parquet 42 x 450 (special order) was chosen for this area, whilst Blanco Athenas polished marble (special format) is used for the floor and walls of moisture prone areas.

    Eden Sand Soft natural wood parquet (special order) has also been used in the basement located on the lower floor.

    Finally, Blanco Athenas polished marble (special format) was chosen for flooring and tiling in the bathrooms, together with the Essence shower tray in the same material but Classico finish.

    Gamadecor G-475 Lacado Blanco Mate kitchen furniture and items from Noken Lounge and Essence-c collections have also been used at Casa Balin, Porcelanosa Group.

    A stunning property which has been chosen from more than 3000 projects as one of the five finalists in the Archdaily “Building of the Year 2015, Houses” Awards.

    Photographs: Diego Opazo

  • Son Moll Sentits Hotel & Spa
    3de3 Arquitectes
  • 3de3 Arquitectes

    Son Moll Sentits Hotel & Spa

    Cala Rajada (Mallorca), España

    Son Moll Sentits is a small hotel located on the shores of the Mediterranean, right on Cala Rajada, near Son Moll beach. 3de3 Arquitectes, along with Sara Espinosa’s interior design, are responsible for the careful and modern design of the complex.

    3de3 Arquitectes

    With the aim of creating a space where the customer can immerse themselves in a world of sensations, 3de3 Arquitectes has created a vacation resort that conveys the essence of the Mediterranean with personality and elegance. It is a Hotel & Spa that seeks, from its own triangular structure, to offer spectacular views and make the most of the Mediterranean sun.

    The result is “a volume that is dynamic, suggestive, and has a noticeable personality, which contrasts with the power and vigor of the vertical communication nuclei facades,” all this while taking special care of aspects such as the meticulous choice of colors and textures.

    Porcelanosa has had the pleasure of working on this space by providing its best products in terms of quality and design. We find the presence of natural materials in the project in the Spa, where the 10 x 40 x 1 cm Globe Brick Bhutan has been used as wall covering. In turn, the flooring installed at the pool is the 30 x 30 x 1 cm Paradise Baia Stone Black mosaic. Both products belong to L’Antic Colonial’s catalog. The same goes for the wall covering in the shower area, where the focus is on the Glacier Moon Metallic and Moon Beige Sandstone mosaics.

    We should also highlight the impressive Lobby countertop made with Krion®; it is six meters long in one single piece, with the hotel’s name backlit. The same Porcelanosa Group material has been used to create the bar top, which is also backlit. The rest of the materials used in the rooms are the 31, 6 x 90 cm Oxo Line white and 31, 6 x 90 cm Madison silver wall coverings together with the 14,3 x 90 cm Oxford Anthracite and 14,3 x 90 cm Oxford White floors. They are all from Porcelanosa.


    Photographs: Jaime Reina, Gori Salvá, and Nando Esteva

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