New products from L’Antic Colonial

New products from L’Antic Colonial

White is currently one of the most fashionable colours. Until recently it was considered as “the absence of colour” but it is now used by all of the great fashion designers and architects. As the world of fashion sets trends across a wide range of sectors, white is a colour which is being used more and more for architecture and interior designing.

L’Antic Colonial has always favoured the use of this colour, which if used for interiors helps to intensify other colours it is combined with and helps to create a sense of space and luminosity. The use of white natural stone as a wall or floor covering creates a simple background which can be combined effortlessly with furniture and textiles which have other colours and textures.

We have therefore added four new products to our range. On the one hand two new white marbles, the Thassos Ice and Arctic White with a polished finish which are ideal for interior use and also Blanco Almeria with a new Texture Home surface finish treated using the new sealant developed by L’Antic Colonial, BIOprot Life, which allows it to be used outdoors without changing its appearance and at the same time enhancing its technical characteristics. Persian White with a new Classico finish has also been added to the range.

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