New designs to round off the Spirit collection

For some months, L’Antic Colonial and A-cero architects’ studio have been working together once again to extend a collection that has come to play a starring role for Grupo Porcelanosa.
The new products will conserve the same essential features as the rest of the Spirit collection, characterized by the priority given to vertical design. In this way, products have been developed that can fit into even the smallest of bathrooms.

The Spirit II collection, which is currently in the midst of being produced, will be made up of a washbasin, mirror, three bathroom units, and two wall coverings (Mosaico Spirit II and Revestimiento Spirit II). The bathroom units will be designed so that they can be fitted in different ways, according to the bathroom in question, thus ensuring greater versatility.
Here is a foretaste of what the Spirit II units, washbasin and wall coverings will be like:


The new units stand out for their vertical design, saving on space when they are fitted. There is a trapezoidal floor-standing unit with a straight design, containing three drawers with one sloping side. The other floor-standing unit has one drawer and an eye-catching curved top, while the third unit is a chest of drawers with mitred edges on all sides that lend it continuity and an unusual square appeal. Three different designs all conceived to integrate curves and straight lines.


Like the bathroom units, the Spirit II washbasin has a vertical design, emphasized by its matching mirror. It is a wall-hung basin made of A-cero Dark marble or A-cero Gloss limestone, depending on the model, with a cube-shaped bowl and curved front section made of the same stone.


Two models have been developed to round off the Spirit II collection. The first is a new mosaic whose dimensions, volumes and materials (black and white marble) all stand out against the order/disorder of its overall design.
The second, available in A-cero Dark marble and A-cero Gloss limestone, comprises 40x80cm panels with straight lines that meet at different points to form the illusion of curves.

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