Natural Materials in Caldea’s New Inuu Spa

Spa INÚU is the new area that the thermo ludic space Caldea in Andorra has created, in order to customize even more its services. INÚU recovers the humanist vision of life, focused on the human being as axis of what really matters, and does so in a remodeled facility in which some of L’Antic Colonial’s mosaics have been used, as well as a large variety of materials from the rest of Porcelanosa Group’s firms.

In particular, the company specialized in natural materials has been responsible for the installation of over 200 m² of the mosaic Fashion C White in the Turkish bath, the showers, and the “Brumisation” spa area; it has also been responsible for installing 100 m² of the Brick Nepal cmin the different private spas.

It’s surprising to see the over 500 m² where the mosaics Metal Acero and Metal Brick Acero have been used as wall coverings. It is a product that stands out for the shines and gleams it creates, which give it a distinctive and different feel when it is installed in different areas.

Besides L’Antic Colonial, other Porcelanosa Group companies have participated in this project. Urbatek, for example, has installed 300 m² of the Meridian White Nature model on the house floor, and 140 m2 of the Iceberg model in the industrial kitchen wall covering. Venis has been in charge of the wall coverings for most of the new spa areas, with different models such as Crystal White, Styl, Crystal Brown, Crystal Moka or Ironker Copper.

And Systempool deserves a special mention as, in addition to some complements such as special countertops or Almond washbasins (made in Krion®,) it is present with two translucent Krion® Lux counters designed exclusively for this project.

These are fantastic facilities in which personal well-being will have its own proper name, customizing services up to the point where rooms are designed according to the client’s preferences, the time they have available, or the area they want to go into detail about.

Immerse yourself in a world of sensations where time stands still. A world of unique sensations…

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