L’Antic Colonial renews its web

The design of L’Antic Colonial’s new website is based on the “one-page” format, which consists in laying out the most important content on one single page. This makes user navigation easier, going directly to the “bulk” of the content without having to navigate through menus and submenus.
Additionally, the “responsive” design allows the user to access from any multimedia device regardless of its resolution, adapting to each different device’s screen.
The new web interface presents a full remodeling of the previous version, giving it the characteristic elegance and simplicity of the brand. The design has been created in tune with the firm’s app: combining styles and creating coherence in the visual presentations through the use of the same font in contents, same font color, standardized icons, etc.
In terms of content, it has been enhanced with detail images of both products and settings where we can see them integrated, showing in a much more direct way the appeal and quality offered by L’antic Colonial.

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