L’Antic Colonial presents its first new models for 2013

Innovation and R&D have always been a basic priority for L’Antic Colonial. To prove this, the Castellón based company is already showcasing some of its new models although there are still three months to go before its new catalogue is launched.
New models have been developed for its natural stone, mosaic, parquet and laminate flooring collections, all with the unique hallmark of L’Antic Colonial: exclusive functional designs; rational use of natural materials; and the quality that only Porcelanosa Group can offer. All these new models are destined to play a trendsetting role next year.

Kannada Natural Home BIOprot slate.
One prominent new addition to L’Antic Colonial’s stone range for 2013 is Kannada: a greenish slate with a contrasting strong veined pattern, available in a Natural Home finish. Kannada can be used on both walls and floors and it comes in an initial 40x80x1.5cm format.

Hexcube mosaics.
The Hexcube glass mosaic collection is one of L’Antic Colonial’s promising new products for 2013. Available in five colours (blanco, gris, azul, rojo and negro) on 30x29x0.8-1.8 cm mesh-mounted pieces, it stands out for the relief pattern and differing sizes of its chips. Hexcube is only suitable for use on indoor walls.

The Revival natural wood parquet floor series.
Revival is one of the major new additions to L’Antic Colonial’s range of parquet floors. It comes in a choice of three models (Grey, Beige or Brown), each of which take their name from the process used to stain the wood and the resulting end colour. They all come in an Artisán finish, with scratches, dents, knocks and nicks that give the wood a characteristic aged, worn appearance. Revival is also conspicuous for its large 22x220x2.1cm planks, designed to bring a greater sense of continuity to rooms.

New washbasins.
The latest models by the team at L’Antic Colonial include countertop bowls such as Basic, wall-hung basins such as Conjunto Zen, semi-recessed ones such as Zeno Top Single or floor-standing models such as Four Stand. All of them come in the following choice of finishes and types of stone: Blanco Athenas, Blanco Almería, Brown Stone, Crema Italia, Crema Nilo, Grey Stone, Negro Marquina, Travertino Albero and Travertino Beige.


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