L’Antic Colonial launches its new Minim & Faces bathroom collection catalogue

L’Antic Colonial has just launched its new Minim & Faces bathroom catalogue, a collection in which the architect and designer Ramón Esteve has collaborated to create pure, simple and timeless pieces.

Like all projects undertaken by Esteve, this bathroom collection is characterized by the constant search for harmony, serenity, timelessness, atmosphere, universality and contextualization.

The Minim collection is characterized by its formal purity and simple lines. Starting from a storage module that can form part of a sink or countertop, different compositions can be created to fit any space as required.


This totally stone clad monolithic form stands out when either suspended on a wall or leaning on the floor.


Faces is a collection made up of irregular polyhedrons that bring to mind mineral formations. These forms accentuate the plastic like qualities of stone giving it a sculptural quality. It is made up of several elements: a free standing wash basin made out of a single block of stone, a washbasin without a surround and a prismatic bench whose heart has been carved out to create a vacuum.


“The idea begins with the rock. The quarry is a vast living sculpture whose contours are changed as much by the forces of nature as by the hand of man”, affirms Ramón Esteve.

If you would like to discover this timeless collection to decorate your bathroom with some unique furniture, feel free to download the catalogue by clicking on the following link: Download Ramón Esteve’s Minim & Faces catalogue.

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