L’Antic Colonial & Fran Silvestre Arquitectos in Cersaie 2013

The exhibition space that L’Antic Colonial has developed this year for the Cersaie fair will have a special architectural style, as it has been designed by one of the best professionals of our days. Fran Silvestre is in charge of capturing all Porcelanosa Group’s philosophy and characteristic architecture in its stand, with the brand’s latest products.

Wood and stone. Two natural materials in order to define a series of spaces that have their monochromatic quality as a common element.
Continuity is sought as a value. The continuity of space, the use of few materials, the integration of the installations, of the lighting.
The natural quality of finishes is enhanced. They come in large sizes, free size stone stereotomies, and long wooden boards. Headed with a slight bevel, they almost seem continuous.
The same space design is repeated with different materials, which completely changes the identity of the spaces. Each area is defined with one single color. From white to black passing through different greys, a few warm stones…
This way, the materials become the main characters. They are materials that one wants to touch.

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