La Casa #Premium

As part of the renewed exhibition by L’Antic Colonial and with the collaboration of Ramón Esteve we find “Casa #Premium”. A property boasting more than 120 m² in which excellent combinations of natural materials take shape, all of them spread out over six habitable areas, distinguished through its range of colours and finishings, joined harmoniously in order to achieve an atmosphere of serenity and distinction capable of spellbinding any visitor; a living room, a dining room, a bedroom, a kitchen and two bathrooms in which Gamadecor and Noken have combined respectively.

Its façade is comprised of different Airslate selections, whilst in the cosy and welcoming interior, you can find an elevated number of applications of pieces, paving, coating and ceilings that accentuate the timeless character of natural stone and the warmth of wood, along with the multiple applications using Linkfloor. A creative merger in which there is also room for the most sombre and reductionists living spaces, with metallic or more expressive finishings.

A house which as its main purpose making people aware of the most exclusive and up-to-date trends in the architecture, design and interior-decorating sectors, in which the general public visiting the space can establish an open dialogue with the #premium materials and products offered by the company, displayed in all of their splendour, and whose unique language is design.

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