Getting to know SB Architects

SB Architects is one of the firms with best worldwide reputation in the construction of large hotels, residential resorts, or multifamily residences.

The firm, which has just celebrated its 50 years of experience, has received over 200 awards for design excellence, thanks to its personal approach. The main value of this firm with offices in San Francisco, Miami (USA) and Shenzhen (China), is a highly qualified and immensely talented team.

The experience acquired since its inception gives SB Architects great flexibility and assurance when carrying out projects. With a unique architectural style combined with its expertise regarding the choice of geographic locations and innovative construction techniques, SB Architects is a firm specialized in exclusive and large format projects.

Recently, SB Architects has changed its methods and approach in order to embrace a sustainable vision of architecture. They are steadfast defenders of context-integrated design and their projects are LEED certified, which is one of the most demanding certifications worldwide.

Among their major projects we find resorts such as the Anassa Hotel & Spa in Cyprus, The 88 building in San Jose (California), or the Bahia Beach Golf Club complex in Puerto Rico.

“The Senses” Space

The design is a contemporary portrayal of a traditional Asian bathroom. This is why the space seeks an open relation between the different traditional functions and uses. The careful selection of materials is another interpretation of the natural environments found in Asian landscapes. The difference in levels not only seeks to separate spaces, but also corresponds with the traditional architecture and functions found in Asian cultures. Finally, the space seeks to develop a Ying-Yang setting for visitors…

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