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Sanahuja & Partners is a collective of architects with offices in the cities of Valencia, Castellón and Ibiza, and international partners in Latin America directed by the architect Jaimie Sanahuja. Their work encompasses both public and private works, with participation in tenders, specialis-ing mainly in single family housing and in rehabilitation. The methodology of their work and design is based on Mediterranean culture, a geographical area where much of the works constructed by the group can be found. Special emphasis is giv-en to the project’s location and environment, both urban and landscape, or to the existing hous-ing stock of a rehabilitation intervention, as well as the best possible use of natural daylight, the first sustainability principle of the architectural proposals. The spaces designed are functional and warm, using natural textures and materials, mainly of stone and wood.

Space: Living atmosphere

This is a about the abstraction of space “to live”, a use that is always present in architecture. Included in the proposal is a table for eating and/or working, a fireplace and a TV screen, items always present in domestic “living” spaces, although in the proposal, changing the scale could also remedy the front area of a larger space for multi-use spaces: hall, hotel lobby, waiting rooms, etc. The plasticity of the chosen materials of stone and wood is maximised, as it is for classical ma-terials which contrast with the compositional modernity of the stand, with mosaic lines from L’Antic Colonial, the inspiration of the concept. The warmth of the wood is in harmony with the stone material in a design which has used the lighting in order to complete the geometry and offers the possibility of creating different atmospheres within the same space.

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