Wood Boxes & Wood Cubes

With the arrival of winter, having warmth at home becomes more necessary than ever. This is given not only by the home’s heating systems, but largely by the materials that dress the walls and floors, and the sensations they transmit. There is nothing better for conveying this sensation than natural wood.

For this reason, L’Antic Colonial has presented two new designs of its Wood Mosaics mosaics line. Two elements made with high-quality oak wood which, with two completely different designs, transform a room into a home.

Wood Cubes is made up of 16 8×8 cm square pieces with an irregular thickness that reaches 1.9 cm. It shows wood in the most natural way possible, highlighting the knots and the strong shade variations, which is obtained by cross-cutting the raw material. The material is arranged on a 32 x 32 x 1.9 cm mesh for easier installation.

For its part, Wood Boxes has the same oak wood, but with a much more dynamic and daring format. Rectangular 6 x 2 cm pieces arranged horizontally with a more regular thickness of 1.2 cm at most. They are also mounted on a mesh base resulting in a 29.9 x 30.2 x 1.2 cm format.

Two options with which to celebrate the arrival of the cold, flooding any home with warmth.

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