Project: House + Mountain

Located in Altea, Alicante, the home was designed by the team from Esculpir el Aire, headed by José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres. The main premise was to adapt the design to fit in with the lie of the land and even to take advantage of it. Hence the home was built in sections on the slope, with an accompanying landscape design that makes optimum use of the different levels as you move up the hill. In this way, diagonal interplay is achieved, with part of the house being concealed by a swimming pool that runs horizontally across the first level.

The property can be entered from street level in three ways, via a short climb up some steps outside the house, along a path to the bottom garden, or via a driveway for vehicles.
The ground floor seems to hover over the lower section, which is built onto the land, while the main entrance is hidden under a big overhang, used to give a sensation of verticality to the home and to ensure currents of air.

As for the materials used to decorate the home, special mention must be made of the Globe Brick Lhasa natural stone cladding by L’Antic Colonial used on the façades and on some indoor walls. This exclusive stone cladding blends in with the background setting to unique effect. Meanwhile, Par-ker Casona Castaño ceramic parquet by Porcelanosa was used on the terraces, in bathrooms and in certain other outdoor areas.

In short, top-quality natural materials were chosen to ensure a stylishly functional home conspicuous for its singular design.

Photos by Quique Vizuete + José Ángel Ruiz Cáceres

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