Project: M1875

M1875 is a luxury apartment complex located in the heart of San Francisco. It is a project that breaks the established rules for this type of space, by giving preference to the residents’ needs, with a clean and modern design, to the excesses of this type of dwellings. Located in Mission District, one of the most popular and requested city areas, M1875 is an entire complex that has several common areas designed to make the people who live there happier; an area for pets, outdoor swimming pool, covered rooftop terrace, a modern common area to relax in… All this in an urban and youthful space that has an unbeatable setting.

L’Antic Colonial and Porcelanosa Group did not want to miss the opportunity to participate in this fantastic project. Thus, the natural wood flooring chosen for inside the apartments is Advance 1L Gray, while a special model called Advance 1L Polar has been developed for some communal areas. These two parquets belong to L’Antic Colonial’s catalog. Cube White and Irish Natural are the Venis wall coverings used inside the apartments, while Porcelanosa has provided the Calcatta Silver model for the bathroom wall coverings and the Par-ker Amsterdam Anthracite as flooring for some of the outdoor areas. Urbatek’s participation also stands out with the Studio Nature, Niquel Nature, Max Grey Lappato, and Avenue Grey Texture models on floors in several areas, both inside the apartments and in outdoor areas.

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