Linkfloor Wall: the vinyl fabric which exudes warmth and is perfect for walls

Linkfloor is one of the best choices for cladding walls due to its great strength and the ease with which it can be cleaned. This is why we suggest a new way of cladding: the Linkfloor Wall collection.

It is vinyl fabric braided on a layer of polyester very similar to the Linkfloor Roll Contract, but much thinner and not as heavy, so that it can easily be hung on walls.


The Linkfloor Wall 100x3000x0.15cm format is much lighter and manageable than the Linkfloor Roll which measures 200x1000x0.25cm, but still exudes the same warmth and cosiness. In fact, you can find the same finishes and hues in this format as you can throughout the LinkfloorContract range: Clay, Cotton, Diamond, Graphite, Gravel, Iron, Sand, Steel, Titanium and Zinc.


Linkfloor Contract and the benefits of vinyl.

In order to satisfy the demand for materials for commercial spaces and contract projects, we have designed a Linkfloor Contract vinyl flooring collection. These braided, elegant and aesthetically pleasing designs are ideal for shops, hotel reception areasand even the most exclusive suites.


Not only are the designs aesthetically pleasing but they are also highly resistant to abrasion, impact, humidity, staining and the action of chemical agents in addition to being mite-resistant due to the advanced production processes of vinyl flooring and vinyl coatings used byl’Antic Colonial. The PVC base, high quality and maximum stability of these vinyl materials make them perfect for difficult projects and high traffic, and we must not forget their impermeability, making them ideal for installation in kitchens and bathrooms as well.

Linkfloor vinyl flooring from L’Antic Colonial complies withinternational quality standardssuch as the German Ü stamp, the French A+ stamp and is CE and ASTM certified. These specifications, coupled with the 15-year guarantee provided by L’Antic Colonial, make Linkfloor a safe bet for any project. Also, the formula has been changed so that it now has a class B fire rating and can therefore be used as a coating.

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