L’Antic Colonial launches the second edition of its Combinations catalog

In order to offer a different decoration alternative to interior decorators and designers, L’Antic Colonial presented its Combinations catalog a few months ago. It is a set of designs where its natural stone, wood, glass, or metal mosaics are combined with the latest ceramics from Porcelanosa and Venis.
These are nearly 50 designs that were photographed by Jesús Chamizo and which were captured in a catalog available in all Porcelanosa stores.

With the arrival of the latest novelties in all of the Group’s firms, L’Antic Colonial has renewed these designs with the materials that Venis and Porcelanosa presented at the last Global Architecture International Show. Thus, 71 new combinations will make up the new 2014 Combinations catalog, in order to inspire unique spaces to architects and designers.

High-gloss smooth finishes such as the Crystal White and Crystal Dark models, textures that simulate natural stone such as the Montecarlo Beige models, and metallic glints in the Ruggine and Dark lines (all from Venis) will be combined with the most recent mosaics presented by L’Antic Colonial.
For its part, Porcelanosa provides a model selection inspired in marble and granite, such as the Arizona or Calacatta lines, as well as bolder textured pieces such as the Glass and Lino Blanco models.

All of them will be part of this catalog along with L’Antic Colonial mosaics made in different materials: from natural stone – Skyline City Earth, Luxury Modul Gold, or Elite Square Creams – to glass mosaics – Dados Geo Sapphire, Armour Caramel, or Urban Cream Frost-, as well as steel – Metal Acero Highlight -, natural wood – Wood Feel – or ceramics – Air White-, without forgetting the heterogeneous Mix Mosaics – Identity Mini Strip Bronze Emperador, Elements Mini Pattern Water, or Imperia Limestone Gold-.

These new proposals will be captured in a printed catalog that will soon be available in all Porcelanosa stores and in this link. It is a new option for professionals, who will be able to “play” with all the alternatives that the Porcelanosa Group materials provide them.


  1. Suite à une visite sur site Porcelanosa grupo en Espagne pourriez vous nous transmettre les dernières nouveautés (mosaïque) qui ne sont pas dans le catalogue 2014
    R.Chablaix Architecte /GE/

    • Cher Monsieur,

      Je vous remercie grandement de l’intérêt que vous portez pour nos produits.
      Veuillez trouver ci-dessous les liens pour télécharger nos catalogue 2014:
      Le commercial en charge de votre secteur, se fera une joie de répondre à toute question ultérieure.

      Bien cordialement,


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