Original formats in L’Antic Colonial’s new limestone line

With 2016 around the corner, L’Antic Colonial is showing one of its main novelties in terms of natural stone, limestone more specifically. It is the Amsterdam line; two new stones of Portuguese origin, one in gray tones and one in beige, presented in three original formats that break free from the established standards.

Amsterdam 2D Hexagon is the most original model, as it presents the limestone in a 17.9 x 17.9 x 1/1.4 cm hexagonal format. Its irregular tilt creates a truly surprising “scaled” effect. This achieves a modern as well as avant-garde style in the room where it has been installed. It can be used as an indoor wall covering, including wet areas such as showers.

For its part, Amsterdam Wall shows us the limestone as a rectangular multi-format, combining 55, 40, and 25 cm long pieces with a regular 10 cm width and a 12.4 cm thickness. Its use is more extensive as it can be installed as wall covering and flooring, both indoor and outdoor, and including wet areas and medium traffic floors (private use in heavily used rooms.)

Along with these two formats, a more standard 40 x 80 x 1 cm model is presented with the same technical characteristics. Amsterdam can be installed, in addition to the same places as Amsterdam Wall, around swimming pools and spas, or high traffic floors (public use.)

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