Modern spaces with metal mosaics

The materials used by L’Antic Colonial as the basis for its metal mosaics line are steel and aluminum. It is a completely different raw material, which combined with other elements such as natural wood, offers a modern atmosphere capable of creating contemporary spaces, adding a comfort and practicality bonus.

There are many possibilities offered by L’Antic Colonial’s metal mosaics in terms of formats. We can find square tiles as those of Steel Metal (1.85 x 1.85) and Steel Metal Highlights/Golden (2 x 2), rectangular ones as the Steel Metal Retro/Anthracite (7.5 x 15. 2) and Steel Metal Brick (2 x 4) or even hexagonal ones as those of Steel Metal Hexagon/Antracite (with large textured tiles) and Steel Metal Hexagon Highlights/Anthracite (with smaller and smooth tiles.)
The latest novelties in this line are worth mentioning: the Gravity mosaics. Made of aluminum, they are made up by smaller square tiles in the case of Cubic, and hexagonal ones in the case of Hexagon. With a matte surface, these mosaics contain textures capable of creating an amazing game shadows.

Another feature worth pointing out of L’Antic Colonial’s metal mosaics is their ability of producing reflections depending on their finish. The combination of polished or matte tiles that we find in the Highlights models, for instance, achieves an original combination of sparkles, while the Anthracite option in the Hexagon and Retro models achieves a sophisticated and elegant look.

Different textures, colors, and shapes that represent an aesthetic commitment for a new interpretation of the material and for good taste.

The following video demonstrates L’Antic Colonial’s recommended installation method for these mosaics.

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