Air Slate Selection, natural stone laminate

At the 22nd International Exhibition of Global Architecture the Company, which specialises in natural materials, presented a collection of 8 slates with an extraordinary technical specification: a thickness between 0.2 and 0.4 cm, depending on natural surface variations. This transforms the concept of stone, as it can now be installed on curved areas or pieces of 240 x 120cm introduced without difficulty

Air Slate Selection features the same slates as in the L’Antic Colonial catalogue (for example, Bombay, Delhi, Kathmandu and Kasmir) plus some new ones: Metal, Charcoal, Fire and Graphite. All have a thin layer (barely a few microns) of natural stone to which a thin layer of fibreglass has been applied for reinforcement and to give greater flexion.
Consequently, the Air Slate Selection slate can easily be transported and installed, due to reduced weight (barely 5Kg approx.) and cut using a radial cutter. Flexibility and lightness makes it ideal for refurbishment as well as for covering large areas.

The options offered by Air Slate Selection for covering areas are endless: walls, wash basins, pillars … any surface can be tiled with the L’Antic Colonial natural stone laminate. Only a one-component adhesive is required (such as Politech by Butech) or a polyurethane mastic (Butech P404 is recommended) to secure Air Slate Selection to the surface.
A good example of this material in use is the Signature Space that Jestico + Whiles has created for L’Antic Colonial: A design that “tries to explore in greater depth the design of spaces, dissolving the boundaries between traditional bathroom and bedroom spaces”. In this instance, Air Slate Bombay was used to cover two special wash basins and part of the structure.

The following video shows the technical specification and installation procedures for Air Slate Selection for refurbishment.


  1. A really impressive demonstration and a wonderful product. Is it available to purchase and from what outlets.
    Is there a Price List available with your Catologue


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