Advance Premium, the best choice for natural wood

L’Antic Colonial’s Advance Premium collection is a further step in the company’s commitment to deliver top quality products at competitive prices. The range, which began with Advance and Advance Unique parquet, has now been increased to include 4 new models in a larger format.

The foremost innovation offered by Advance Premium 1L Albany, Advance Premium 1L Auckland, Advance Premium 1L Brisbane and Advance Premium 1L Sidney is the greater thickness – 1.4 cm of which 9 mm is an intermediate wood strip layer for greater stability, and 3 mm is the high quality top layer.
Alongside greater thickness, the Advance Premium collection also offers an innovative larger format. With a 25 cm strip width and 240 cm length, the new wooden floors provide a smoother finish and more spacious effect in the rooms where they are installed. In addition, the Lock connecting system allows easy installation and provides extra safe and durable joints between strips, ensuring gaps are eliminated for the entire life of the parquet.

The wide colour variety offered by the Advance Premium collection ranges from the dark Advance Premium 1L Brisbane to the greyish Advance Premium 1L Sidney; and includes two browns – Advance Premium 1L Albany (in reddish tones) and Advance Premium 1L Auckland (in a more natural shade).
One more option offered by L’Antic Colonial to provide comfortable, high quality rooms.

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