Piet Boon

Studio Piet Boon

Name of Studio:

Studio Piet Boon

Studio location:

Oostzaan, the Netherlands

Studio definition:

Studio Piet Boon is an internationally renowned design practice recognized for its multi-disciplinary design services and it’s remarkable talent of balancing functionality, aesthetics and individuality into one of a kind design experiences.

The bespoke Studio Piet Boon total concept approach blends architecture, interior and product design skills with each project’s context, culture and environment, delivering outstanding quality on a global scale.

Founded by designer and master craftsman Piet Boon (1958) in 1983, the studio originates from a carpenter workshop in Oostzaan in the Netherlands, that developed into a small studio specialized in the design of bespoke residences. Having gained experience in construction and carpentry at an earlier stage in his career, Boon discovered that in order to realize his unique design vision he needed to take full ownership of a design concept. This allowed him to focus on the functionality, comfort, aesthetics, individuality and durability of the exterior and complete interior of any project.

Bio Chief Designer:

Piet Boon (1958) began his career as a building contractor. Now -more than three decades later- he is one of the most high-profile Dutch designers. Together with his business partner, creative director Interior & Styling Karin Meyn, he leads a multidisciplinary design studio: Studio Piet Boon.

Piet Boon grew up in the Zaanstreek, Amsterdam area, as a member of close knitted family with three sons. Like many Dutch boys, the sporty brothers spent most of their time outdoor playing football. For a long time Boon strived to become a top sportsmen. For many years he played water polo in the highest league. Till this day he is an avid sportsman.

In 1983 Piet Boon founded his construction company. Having gained experience in this field of work at an earlier stage in his career and his frustration with the work of others, he came to discover that in order to realize his unique design vision he needed to take full ownership of a design concept. Boon’s unsurpassed knowledge of materials, insight in the building process and passion for beautiful details as well as innovative solutions stem from those days. Over more than three decades this experience has proven to be invaluable for the quality of his work as a designer. It also allows him to communicate on a professional level with all parties involved: clients, developers, builders, constructors, architects and designers.

Keen technical insight and an acute eye for bespoke detail aesthetics have informed Piet Boon’s work from the launch of his company. His focus on functionality, comfort, timelessness and durability combined with a unique made to measure approach to each project, has resulted in a global portfolio of clients and collaborations with specialist manufacturers and renowned global brands for exclusive products.

Description of the exhibition space:

This exclusive and timeless design enables visitors to experience  both the possibilities of Porcelanosa natural stone and the Studio Piet Boon design philosophy to its fullest. To put full focus on the beauty of the stone, we opted to approach the bathroom as a ‘blank canvas’ where the walls virtually en frame the natural stone as if it were an actual piece of art. Walls and ceiling are executed in a white stucco with rounded corners,along the ceiling edge we see a plastered light cove, providing diffuse illumination.The central stone tub and stone lavatory desks get additional attention by placing trim less spotlights above.Though differing in texture(matte versus satin gloss), shape and size, the same natural stone is used throughout the whole bathroom. Lavatory, bath, shower as well as the floor are all made of beige colored natural stone.  Bath ware is kept to a minimum,  drawing all attention to the delicate detailing and accentuating the uncommonly high quality and finishing of the material used.

Materials used in the space:

Montreal Classico


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