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If there is one word that defines the work of Ramón Esteve, it is versatility. Although he finished his training as an architect at the Madrid School of Architecture in 1990, his work includes designs of buildings and spaces as well as product or interior designs. He regularly collaborates with large habitat sector firms such as Gandia Blasco, Vibia, Vondom, Inclass and Joquer, indicating his involvement in space design which has led him to create furniture.

Since 2005 he combines his work at the studio with his work as a lecturer in the Department Of Architectural Design in the School of Architecture in Valencia. He also gives architecture and design workshops and lectures.

All his works are a constant quest for harmony, serenity and timelessness. When the studio takes on a new project, they try to contextualise it as much as possible by creating all the required accessories to achieve a complete masterpiece. The projects come from a seed idea which guides the entire process from its conception origin to the actual built outcome. His works stand out for being essentialist homes that combine stone and wood together. These spaces use geometric pieces and the play of light as an essential role to combine indoor and outdoor areas. This idea is characteristic in architecture and design, and it has led him to be successful and win important prizes such as the COACV Architecture Award, the 2013 Architecture Plus Award and the 2009 ADCV Gold Award.




Terma is inspired by natural thermal waters created by tectonic nature from volcanic activity. A serene and hedonistic setting of pure and architectural shapes is created.

This space is marked by prismatic volumes. The light is applied on three-dimensional textures.

Two large walls divide and articulate the space, carried out with a wood mosaic and a backlit stone which allows the light to shine through, marking the space with a diffuse light. The perimeter is split in vertical strips of sandstone. The light leaks through these cracks like a fluid element.

The Habana Dark marble washbasin and bathtub are the elements which characterise this space whilst the shower and toilet are positioned in a more private area.

The telluric nature of the material combined with warm colours blend together creating a tectonic setting.

The Terma space is capable of harmonising on different levels, by either becoming part of a bedroom or integrating a larger space thanks to the spatial play between public and private areas and the combination of materials.

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