Jestico + Whiles

Name of Studio:

Jestico + Whiles

Studio location:

London & Prague

Studio definition:

Jestico + Whiles are a practice of architects and interior designers based in London and Pargue. The studios cover a range of sectors including a specialty in hospitality, working across the globe on prestigious, award winning restaurants, hotels, cinemas, casinos and clubs.

Bio Chief Designer:

Jestico + Whiles was set up in 1977 by Tom Jestico and John Whiles. Both Tom Jestico and John Whiles are now retired. At the time of his retirement, John Whiles was responsible for the Interior Design team completing some thirty luxury hotel schemes throughout the world. The interior design studio is now headed by James Dilley. James Dilley has 20 years of experience in hospitality and has worked on project across Europe, Middle East, Australia, Russian and Africa.

Name of exhibition space:

New ways of living

Description of the exhibition space:

Jestico + Whiles has been exploring ‘new ways of living’, as a continuation of this study we used the opportunity created by L’Antic Colonial to further explore spatial design blurring the lines between the traditional bathroom and bedroom spaces. Materiality plays a fundamental role in our exhibition space, creating zones and replacing walls to define spaces. Traditional materials such as marble, slate and glass have a playful take on their tactility and apearance. The harsh architectural lines of the exhibition space are deliberately contrasted with the whimsical image of the dragonfly. The dragonfly with its delicate wings and innate strength represents the duality we hope to capture within this design. Further illustrated by the polished and riven surfaces and highlighted by the pools of light.

Materials used in the space:

Bombay Natural Home BPT 40x80x1,5 cm

Bombay Pulido BPT 40x80x1,5 cm

Airslate Bombay (Special Order)

Harmony Strip Coltan

Tortona 1L Walnut


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