Cardete Huet Architectes

Name of Studio:

Cardete Huet Architectes

Studio location:

Toulouse & Marseille

Studio definition:

In recent years, the Cardete Huet Architectes firm has acquired great maturity and the ability to manage buildings of considerable scale and great complexity. Taking into account the objectives of the places, and accepting economic challenges such as the deadlines, the firm hits the targets of a territorial, cultural, and architectural coherence, with determination and boldness.

The control of the techniques, materials, and procedures, is the best guarantee for the viability of a project, no matter how innovative it may be.

Bio Chief Designer:

Founded by Francis Cardete and Gérard Huet, Cardete Huet Architectes, world-class French architecture and urbanism firm with 40 years of experience, is involved in all kinds of public and private projects. It has progressively expanded its action range from local to national, and then to international in Colombia, Morocco, the Indian Ocean, French Guiana, Spain, or Iraq,… working both with large construction companies and with young talents or international architects, in the hospitality, industrial, educational, aeronautics, airport, sports, tertiary, cultural, or housing sectors.

Name of exhibition space:

La Suite

Description of the exhibition space:

The suite is an invitation to travel, a stop, a pause…

The universe holds the codes of a hotel room. The minimalist furniture voluntarily uses high-density noble materials. The design of its various components is an exercise on the limits of the material and the variations in its use.

The main room opens to a block bathroom that is discovered with a play of overlays from the room. Here, what stands out is the fluidity in the transitions of the rest-work-comfort spaces through strong material contrasts.

Materials used in the space:

Delhi Natural Home 40x80x1,5 cm

Arctic White Classico (Special Order)

Eden 1L Sand

Mini Iris Black Pearl



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