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Madrid, A Coruña, Dubai


A-cero is an architects’ studio that also specializes in other design activities, such as interior, landscape or industrial design. Absolutely anything can be designed and A-cero has a team of over 100 professionals who follow a set of well-defined guidelines and are able to take on any project whatsoever. The studio’s methods are based on in-depth analyses of client needs.

Created in 1996, A-cero Joaquín Torres Arquitectos is a company that specializes in the global development of architectural projects. Its team of staff, headed by Joaquín Torres and his partner Rafael Llamazares, has grown fast both in Spain and abroad. A-cero has offices in Madrid, La Coruña and Dubai.
Materials and finer details are developed in tandem with our capacity for imagination, design and persuasion. A-cero’s interior design department was created with this philosophy in mind, with a 600m2 showroom in the centre of Madrid where it displays the furniture and other products that it designs.

After years of research, A-cero Touch was created so that the studio could produce its own prefabricated construction system. The studio has a factory in Valencia where it produces its own prefabricated homes, with the possibility of different types.


Spirit II Signature Space


Architecture and design have been combined to create objects with a highly distinctive sculptural appeal, where priority has been given to volumes and the emotional component, inspired by the natural materials used to make them, like wood or stone.
L’Antic Colonial and A-cero share the same philosophy, motivations and goals. All their projects are based on three key values: design, shape and texture.

All the items in the Spirit collection are based on an original idea inspired by nature. Each of them can function individually or they can all be combined to harmonious effect.

Spirit parquet: Using six different components, a variety of different layouts can be created on floors. And now this can also be applied to walls to create a wrap-round feel.
Stone coverings: Featuring sinuous curves with a tactile and visual appeal.
Coverings in a choice of three colours: The abstraction of a frozen landscape.
Pixel mosaic coverings: Based on interplay between geometrics and volumes, using natural stone.
Curva coverings: Inspired by the sand in a Zen garden.
The Spirit, SX Spirit II and XL Spirit washbasins: Modularity plays a key role in this collection where the watchword is on formal harmony, exclusivity and versatility.

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