Endless, L’Antic Colonial’s infinite laminates

With a striking design, Endless is presented as the firm’s latest proposal in laminate flooring. It is a new line made up of four new models: Broadway, Island, Queens, and Brooklyn, which denote continuity among them. Thus, the Endless laminates manage to strengthen to the fullest the depth of rooms, with an optical effect that makes the boards prolong to infinity.

In regards to the model design, they are inspired on the oak wood surfaces, perfectly reproducing the veins and knots that are so characteristic of this material. Add to this its Natural finish, which enhances its beauty and warmth.

Mounted on 1 board and with a 13.5 x 128, 2 cm format, Endless laminates have a bevel on both long sides of the pieces that enhance the optical effect of having a greater length. The chromatic range of the Endless line features four colors: the reddish tones provided by the Broadway model, the ochres from Endless Island, the brown found in Endless Queens, and the grays of Endless Brooklyn.

It is a new series of laminates with an extraordinary resistance, able to transform any room into a warm while at the same time urban space.

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