Cut to Size: Made to Measure Natural Stone

Cut to size is synonymous with creative autonomy, passion for stone and the immense freedom to choose formats, finishes and textures.

Marble and Limestone are fundamental to L’Antic Colonial, as proven by our continuing search throughout the world for new finishes, to be able to offer this timeless quality to interior decoration and architectural projects. These materials have the everlasting appeal of nature, which never ceases to amaze people.

In the stone extraction process, L’Antic Colonial is personally responsible for examining and selecting the quarry areas which have the most suitable design characteristics, in order to be able to make the best use of the cut stone, opening up unlimited creative possibilities. Different types of products, including flooring, cladding, furniture and bathroom accessories, can be custom made for each room.

Our expertise in stone which can be tailor made to the needs of each household, places special emphasis on a design which meets and more than exceeds its function.

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