Combinations with ceramic products

Ceramics is one of the best covering materials due to its high resistance and ease of cleaning. In private spaces as well as wide public spaces, ceramic coverings offer a myriad of decorative possibilities.

Aiming at inspiring different spaces for an interior designer audience, at L’Antic Colonial we offer several combinations with ceramic products, for you to find the setting that best expresses your way of being and your way of understanding life.

Mediterranea range is a lively representation of a calm wavy sea, with a polished, slightly uneven surface that mimics colors diluted in water, almost like a watercolor painting. This collection, especially designed for bathrooms, includes eighteen models, divided in six colors and one square and two rectangular formats. They all allow for different finishes and multiple combinations under one concept: the marine essence.

You can also find the Faces range of ceramic tiles, including more daring pieces which feature multifaceted surfaces. They create a combination of volumes to add elegance wherever they are installed. This range of ceramic coverings is available in hexagonal and square formats and finishes in white, black, silver, gold, gloss and matte. A high quality material with very easy maintenance, ideal for being the star of a modern space.

Both collections offer a myriad of combinations adding personality to the space and invite to experience the essence they carry.

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