Calacatta, the new washbasins colecction

One of L’Antic Colonial’s biggest bets, presented at Porcelanosa Group’s 21st International Show, has been the new Calacatta washbasin line.

Five new items designed by the firm itself that are the result of pure and clean lines with a clearly geometrical concept. Calacatta is conceived as a metamorphosis that goes from the square to the circle, thus creating a unique collection with a common link.

Each of the pieces is made from a single block of natural stone, with one of the most exclusive L’Antic Colonial materials, Calacatta marble. The small details and the care, with which these basins are made, from the selection of the block to the final hand-polished finish, make these pieces a line of unique and singular elements. With soft edges and a silky surface, each basin has a small dark lower part, which makes the pieces have a greater sense of lightness that almost levitates over the surface.

With a 15 cm height and with 40 x 40 and 40 x 84.5 dimensions, they are made with a 2 cm constant wall thickness that lets these basins have a large capacity. On the other hand, the drain plug is made in the same Calacatta marble, becoming integrated with the whole and thus focusing attention on the characteristic grain of this magnificent material.

The line is made up of 2 small-dimension models (Calacatta Piazza and Calacatta Circolare) and 3 larger size ones (Calacatta Rettangolare, Calacatta Elisse, and Calacatta Ovale). They are unique and exclusive pieces that are the result of L’Antic Colonial’s objective of offering high quality elements.

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