Basic, L’Antic Colonial’s latest line

With the aim of offering a wider range of possibilities in its bathroom product range, L’Antic Colonial has launched Basic, a line made up of 3 over-countertop washbasins, 1 freestanding washbasin, and one shower tray, which stand out for having a functional design, simple volumes, and rounded edges. Six new elements with different sizes and capacities that will be able to adapt to any bathroom according to the client’s needs.

Basic H40 (40 x 48 x 9 cm), Basic H84 (84.5 x 48 x 9 cm) and Basic BIOprot (40x40x10 cm) are the new over-countertop washbasin models, out of which the first two have the tap hole incorporated, thus making installation easier. For its part, Basic Stand BIOprot 40 x 40 x 85 cm is this line’s freestanding version that follows the same design. The same applies to the Basic BIOprot 90 x 90 x 5 cm shower tray, the main feature of which is in the cover that conceals the drain, made with the same stone and with the same design as the rest of the collection.

All these new elements are available in 8 different colors (Marquina Black, Brow Stone, Grey Stone, Italy Cream, Beige, Nile Cream, Almeria White, and Athens White).

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